Sunday, August 28, 2011

88/365 and the Frisco Festival

Since I am officially caught up now on my 365 I can start to concentrate on more than getting caught up.  We went to a street fair the other day.  I have an unofficial list of photographs that I want to take and a really good Farris wheel photo is on that list.  I hope that I have accomplished it.
This was also taken at the street fair.  It was very warm that day and they had a water gun station set up.  Not exactly sure what kind it really was but they filled it up with the water hose after every shot.  I was lucky enough to capture these kids getting a good spray.  The sign on the wall behind is a Coca-Cola sign.  It was a complete coincidence that the sign behind them says refreshing.

I took my inspiration for these from Katie Lloyd's carnival photos.  I used the Velvet Cream action from the Coffee Shop Blog on all of the photos.

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