Thursday, June 30, 2011


Baby red apples.  Not quite ripe but full of potential.  I didn't do too much to this photo because I didn't want it to seem over-processed.  My intention was for it to seem summery.  Let me know how it comes across to you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I love this photo.  And this edit.  Kiera was playing fetch with Alana.  Well sort of... Alana would chase the stick and Kiera would bring it back to be thrown again.  Ahh... teamwork.  
The edit is The Coffee Shop Blog's Sun kissed action with a few tweeks to it.  I think that it is my favorite action right now.


I thought that this was pretty.  This is the front door at my mother-in-law's house.  The TV was on in the living room inside and was shining through the door.  Not sure what was on but it made great purple and green lights.


I have been sick the last couple of days and have missed posting.  The photos for these two days are not the best.  Certainly they are interesting, but nothing spectacular.  I am posting all three on the same day but as different posts.  Believe it or not this photo is not in black and white.  It was just about to storm.  Other than cropping there are no edits.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I wanted this photo to seem almost vintage.  My hope is that this photo invokes feelings of nostalgia for playground days gone by.  I am thinking about doing a series of vintage playground photos. 

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

This is my first time doing the scavenger hunt.  I have been taking photos for it all week but have either used them in my Project 365 or another post.  So I apologize if some of my themes appear more than once.  I will make sure that no picture repeats.
I wanted to do something different than just take a picture of a window or a door.  I had a few other ideas too, but this is the one that became a reality.  My front windows face west which makes this the sun just before it sets.

This was a more difficult photo to take than it should have been.  Theory- put on a movie and she will watch it and I can get my eyelash pictures.  Reality-  my too smart stinker of a daughter (who has decided not to willingly be the subject of my photos anymore) knew that was what I was doing and started blinking really fast just so that her lashes would be blurry.   *sigh*

Borrowed from my dear daughter.

Leaf Veins
I have to tell you that this also was not an easy photo to take.  (I think that I picked the wrong day to try all this... everything worked against me.)  The wind was blowing pretty hard.  This is the white birch tree at my mother-in-law's house.  The beetles are obviously back again.

Faceless Portrait
I'll admit that this subject had me stumped for a while.  I couldn't think of anything that would work except the back of my daughter's head.  The answer came to me when I noticed that my daughter's fingernails were painted two different colors.  One is pink, the other is black.  Then I noticed that her two aunts both had their nails painted the same.  One girl has the black fingernails, the other has the pink nails.  Kiera has one hand to match them both.  How is that for not taking sides?


This is certainly a spooky tree.  The dark cloud behind it certainly does nothing to make it seem less foreboding.  This photo is SOOC.  The only edit that I did (other than add my logo stamp) was a bit of cropping out some empty space.  While I was sitting deciding if I should or shouldn't do any edits to the photo, my husband walked up behind me and said that he thought that it should be in b&w.  So here it is...
Exact same photo only with the Coffee Shop Blog's No Cream or Sugar action ran.  I think that it is spooky either way.

And believe it or not this spooky tree is on an elementary school playground.  Cue creepy janitor!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Dining room hanger art.  This is actually Kiera's creation.  At one point she had a stuffed dog balanced precariously on one of the hangers. 

5 on Friday

1:  This week we went to the beach.
Okay, you caught me.  We didn't really go to the beach.  We live in a completely land-locked state.  No beaches near us.  Kiera and I just played in the driveway with the water hose.  Not quite as exciting, I know.

2:  We did go to the lake though.  We literally got there at sunset.  This gave me the opportunity to try something new.  Silhouettes.
3:  Can laundry be dramatic?  It isn't even MY laundry... and it is no where near finished.  Probably another 3 days of washing. *sigh*
4:  I love the actions by The Coffee Shop Blog!  They have some great ones and they are all free!  LOVE IT!
5:  An idea for a really cool picture entered my mind the other day.  Camera + Cheerleader = really neat motion photo.
Believe it or not there is a cheerleader stunting all the way across the yard in this photo.  I couldn't see her either.  It was a good idea... guess I need to study on it a little.  I did manage to get some good flip pictures though.

Kiera is a cheerleader in training.  Her aunt is teaching her how to be a flyer.  Of course, her daddy has been training her for this since she was 6 months old.
There must have been a bird.

That was my week... how was yours?


Salsa star!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sunset at the lake.  I still didn't have my picture yet and the sun was about to go down when we decided to take Kiera to the lake for a few minutes.  This was shot in aperture mode with the light metered on the water.

Monday, June 20, 2011


This is a good picture but I can't help but to think how stunning it would be if it were a macro.  I want a macro lens so bad.  Maybe for Christmas.  This was actually taken with my Canon ef-s 55-250mm at 154mm.  Not bad for a zoom lens.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paper Mama photo challenge: Parenthood

Kiera and her daddy on a trip to a local zoo taken a few weeks ago.

The Paper Mama


Went fishing today for about 10 minutes.  Kiera got really bored really quickly.  I only had time to snap about two photos before we left.  It was hot though so I didn't mind all that much.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sort of a slow day for photos.  All you get is my dog, Alana.

The Paper MamaThe Paper Mama


Just felt like having a cloud day!

5 on Friday

1:  I was able to put Kiera's hair into two even non-bubbled pigtails this week.  This is a big deal for me!  I knew that I needed to document it.  Of course, they were on the 3 year old who has decided that she no longer wants her photo taken. 

She thinks that she is so funny.  I am pretty sure that she was crossing her eyes.
I had to tell her to pull pieces off the tree to keep her distracted.  Bribery doesn't work but destruction does... who knew!

2:  We went to the park the same day.  Same pigtails, different clothing choices.  If it is dangerous you had better believe that she is there doing it.


Can't do anything the easy way...

3:  I am almost finished editing the photos that I took at the Botanical Gardens annual cocktail party last week.  I knew that I took bunches of pictures but good grief!

4:  Last summer the neighbors and ourselves made a home-made slip-and-slide in the front yard.  We tried it again the other day... Didn't work quite as well.  My sister-in-law had to throw Kiera down the hill.  (The tall grass is still on the neighbor's side)

5: If you read my Project 365 then you already know that we all went to my sister's house this week.  I got some touching pictures of Kiera and her cousins.
The dark haired little girl is a very good jumper for a two year old... but with two older brothers it is sink or swim.
And finally one with cool Kiera hair!
That was my week... how did your week go?