Monday, June 13, 2011


My second successful attempt at the dreamy light glow SOOC.  The expression on my daughter's face should be an indicator of how long we were sitting in the grass taking photos.  Of course she was bored by the second shot anyways.  My confidence has been failing more and more lately.  Mainly because I still don't seem to have the hang of using my spot exposure meter.  I know that part of my issue is trying to use a 3 year old as a test subject.  I can't lock on an exposure reading because she has already moved by the time I am glancing that 1/4 of an inch to the meter bar.  I need subjects that are not in a constant state of movement.  I feel too hurried. 


  1. Gorgeous photo. Wonderful SOOC.

  2. Gorgeous light! Toddlers can be difficult, but keep at it, it'll get easier :) Thanks for linking up with us this week!