Sunday, June 26, 2011


This is certainly a spooky tree.  The dark cloud behind it certainly does nothing to make it seem less foreboding.  This photo is SOOC.  The only edit that I did (other than add my logo stamp) was a bit of cropping out some empty space.  While I was sitting deciding if I should or shouldn't do any edits to the photo, my husband walked up behind me and said that he thought that it should be in b&w.  So here it is...
Exact same photo only with the Coffee Shop Blog's No Cream or Sugar action ran.  I think that it is spooky either way.

And believe it or not this spooky tree is on an elementary school playground.  Cue creepy janitor!


  1. I love them. You have some great shots.

  2. It is a totally creepy tree but a very cool image. Thanks for linking up with us this week and make sure you grab our new button with the updates links (I think we've finally worked out the kinks!). Hope you have a great week! :)