Sunday, June 5, 2011


Once again I am posting after midnight.  Well at least I am getting my day in.  If I hadn't played so long in photoshop then maybe I would have met my deadline. 
I have been reading many blogs lately.  I came across a post from Jill Samter Photography about water droplets.
My experiment did not turn out quite as well as in the tutorial but it was still fun to try.  I used one of my studio lights and my kit lens.  I was really wishing for a macro lens today but I think that I still got some good shots.  Today was all about learning.  I actually shot all of these photos in Manual.  They turned out a bit better than yesterday's failed efforts.  Although the ISO is a little high in a few and are a bit grainy.  But if you can't tell which ones, I am not going to tell you which.

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