Monday, January 2, 2012


I know that the holiday season is over and that it is a new year, but I was playing around with some photos I had taken over the season.  I am playing around with a new watermark design as well, so feel free to provide me with some feedback if you like or don't like the stamps.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Downloadable Timeline Cover for Facebook

I loved designing this template and hope that you will enjoy using it!  It is the full size of the Facebook timeline cover photo.

This is my first attempt at a tutorial about how to use a psd template.  The colors in the blank template above match the colors on the layers menu which I have included a screen shot of below.  I did this to stop confusing myself while I was making the template!  If you are unfamiliar with clipping masks, I encourage you to check out this tutorial on using clipping masks by The CoffeeShop Blog.  
You can download the template for photoshop here!  Enjoy!

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions for more themes that you can provide.

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2011


You get my feet... on the cruise ship relaxing as we left Mobile.  The prompt said that we should write about what we are most proud of accomplishing in 2011... well I don't know.  I got my new camera and started learning to use it with the help of the wonderful blogger ladies I love to follow.  I took my first real vacation ever.  I was able to stay home all summer with my daughter and loved every minute of it... especially bed time!  Oh... I finally got married after being engaged for five years!  
I guess that is accomplishing something.  We were married on Friday the 13th... and yes we did it on purpose.

Still Laughing... 

This is a story that is probably only funny if you were there.  This bridge is one of many that cross the Mississippi River.  We were on our way home from Mobile after the cruise (so sad!).  We had a GPS that I named Lola... it just seemed like a Lola.  I guess that this bridge was fairly new because just as we drive onto it Lola started yelling at us to take an immediate right turn!  We were yelling at Lola that we couldn't turn... we were on a bridge!  She kept yelling at us and we kept yelling at her!  It was a hysterical mess!  Four grown people yelling in the car!  I laugh every time that I think about it... you, however, are probably thinking that I need psychiatric help.

Winter Wonderland 

Don't know what can say winter wonderland more than two foot of snow!


Kiera's fourth birthday party.  We had the party at her gymnastics gym which is why she is all sweaty.  It was her first party with friends from gymnastics and school.  She is growing up much too quickly.


Kiera's friends and mine too!

Spring Fever

Vacation and Let's do it again... 
My summer vacation... I am so in love with the ocean.  I would stay on that boat for months if they would let me!  The arrow in the top photo is pointing to our room... very bottom... very back.  It made for a very long walk down a very long hall... especially if we came down the front-most elevators!  But the engine noises and the ship rocking made for very restful sleep!  So amazing.

Summer Days 

A Day In My Life 

She is watching the Lion King on youtube.  I had been watching a TV show online and she decided that she also wanted to watch something on the laptop.  I had to snap a few photos... she was just sitting there so perfectly.

Autumn Harvest 

Family or Home

My daughter and my dog.  I have to admit... this is the only photo I am using that I did not take.  It was taken with my camera though so I am counting it.  My 13 year old sister-in-law took it... and I love it!  

This is something that I saw on either a blog or Facebook post before work and could not find again when I looked for it just now.  So if the person who made that post is reading this please know that I was going to give you credit... but at the moment have no idea who you are!  Sorry.  This photo is a blend of two different ones... one that is just bokeh and one that is in complete focus.  It gives the blobs of light a center of focus... for the most part.  I couldn't get them all to line up.  


Well that just goes without saying!

Dress Up 




I chose a photo from Kiera's Christmas pageant from church.  She was an angel in the show.  They had this little song with hand motions to sing.  I am not really sure how Kiera ended up with a microphone... but at least she was sharing with the other little angel.

Don't Ever Change 

I chose this photo for this prompt because I want my little girl to stop growing!!  When I tell her that she just tells me that she can't stop growing... I am sad now.

Just Because...So There! 

This photo doesn't fit anywhere!  I love it though... even though it is a exoskeleton of a bug... it has nice bokeh!

Hopes and Dreams 

    I have no photo for this prompt... I wish that I could photograph the future... it would save me a bunch of stress!  There is so much that I hope for the coming year... a new house, a new car, time with Kiera... the list could go on for days... just know that I intend to share it all with you throughout the year.

    Happy 2012!  May all your hopes and dreams come true!