Sunday, August 28, 2011

88/365 and the Frisco Festival

Since I am officially caught up now on my 365 I can start to concentrate on more than getting caught up.  We went to a street fair the other day.  I have an unofficial list of photographs that I want to take and a really good Farris wheel photo is on that list.  I hope that I have accomplished it.
This was also taken at the street fair.  It was very warm that day and they had a water gun station set up.  Not exactly sure what kind it really was but they filled it up with the water hose after every shot.  I was lucky enough to capture these kids getting a good spray.  The sign on the wall behind is a Coca-Cola sign.  It was a complete coincidence that the sign behind them says refreshing.

I took my inspiration for these from Katie Lloyd's carnival photos.  I used the Velvet Cream action from the Coffee Shop Blog on all of the photos.

Finally caught up!! Days 82 - 87/365

Today I went around getting photos just so that I could get caught up.  Go me!
Water bug.  I like how you can see the indention in the water where it's legs are touching.  You can see the shadow of the bug in the lower left corner.
This water was so cold and lovely.  I love the rainbow water sparkles under the water.
The stick in the water reminds me of a snail or maybe Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.
El Camino.  We visited a car show today.  Old cars are so lovely!  And they make me want to drive really fast!
Rubber ducky... you're the one...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

79 - 81/365

I know that my last post had thistle photos in it as well but I really love thistles and I really need to get caught up.

We made homemade pizzas the other night.  As you can tell I like a bit of pineapple on mine. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

71 - 78/365

So much catching up to do...
78/365... with extras
More catching up still to come...

Friday, August 12, 2011


I am still trying to get my 365 caught up so please excuse the multiple posts in a day.  I see this flag everyday.  It is practically right out my front door.  The storms of the last week have frayed the edges.  I added some texture and did a bit of cross processing.  I like the vintage coloring that I ended up with.


A rare appearance by my husband.  Actually he doesn't even know I took this photo.  He was in the driveway with the neighbor working on his newest hobby... motorcycles.  The neighbor has an online parts store, and there has been talk of buying a shop.  I like that he has a hobby that gets him out of the house a bit now.


Walking around my house today I spotted this big guy.  I almost didn't see it at all.  These kind of spiders are very common around here but usually hang out in the eaves of the house or in trees.  This one is almost ground level at the back corner of the house.  I wouldn't even have seen him if it wasn't for the white zig-zag that is the signature of this kind of spider... I think they are called orb weavers, but I could be mistaken.


I sort of have a talent for finding strange trees.  The spikes on this one were super strong and sharp.  This is one tree that you don't want to lean on!

The Daily WyattGiven the nature of this tree, i just had to link it up with Texture Thursday over at The Daily Wyatt...even if it is now Friday.


Summer fields.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Clouds just before the weather changing storm that rolled through today.  It has been so hot here in Northwest Arkansas the last couple of weeks.  This evening it is breezy and cool.  Not at all humid.  Simply lovely weather to be outside.  These clouds are always welcome at my home.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I am a little late getting this posted... but it is still Sunday, so it counts.
Seeing Double
This is actually just a test shot that I took at a local park this week.  I was scouting a location to use for a maternity session and wanted to make sure that there would be a reflection in the water from the bank.  After I edited the photo, I decided that there was too much green in the photo and that it was just sort of blah!  So I put it into black and white... still blah!  Half and half though I liked.
I don't know how much more whatever you can get than the exoskeleton of a bug.  
I thought about doing some sort of food here, but instead I went with this one of my daughter playing her aunt's ipod.  She was using an app to make cookies and cupcakes (no really she was) so it fits in quite nicely.
Limitless fields and sky.  Plenty of  space to run.  See I made it make sense.
You can't get any brighter than the sun.



I don't know exactly what kind of tree this is... some kind of willow I think.  The branches were all wavy.  Coming from a culture where, as a child, you are threatened with a whippin with a switch... I have to admit that these slightly frighten me.  


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hello Gorgeous Colour Challenge

As I was reading over blog posts this morning, I came across this brand new photo challenge posted by Hello Gorgeous.  When I saw the photo, I knew right away what I would do to it... so I did.
This was a color pallet challenge (I left off the pallets to get a better fit in the frames).  I used the pink from the pallet to give the edit more of a sunset type feel to it.  I used the green to go back over some of the trees and grass to highlight. And did a soft layer of the lightest grey.  I also added a gaussian blur to give it that dreamy fairy tale look.  I softened the foreground so the focus would be on the water and bridge.  Finally, I used The Coffee Shop Blog's Perfect Portrait 2 for my final touches.
I hope that my edit comes across like the image that I was trying for.  Since this is the first time that I have ever done a color pallet challenge I would LOVE any feedback that anyone might have to offer.

Friday, August 5, 2011





As I am sure that you can tell, one of the changes that I made to the blog is a one column template.  Please bear with me as I try to figure out the best photo sizes to use on here.  


I am so far behind!  Lets get all caught up...
I hope that everyone likes the new look of the website.  It has been a huge husband and I did everything ourselves.  All I can say is thank goodness for tutorials!  The photo header slideshow was the most difficult.  My husband wasn't happy with the slides just changing... they needed to fade.  Well they fade... and now he has to fix the slideshow on our website cause it was messed up in the process!  Something always has to be messed up or the world just doesn't seem right. 
I have learned a few new tricks while my blog has been on hiatus.  Yesterday Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos posted a wonderful tutorial about using ACR.  I have been opening my .jpeg photos in ACR to give them a clean edit.  I had not really tried much more than that though.  Now most of my editing is done in ACR and I just run presets when I switch over to photoshop.  I love learning new things... but when I do I always think that should go back and edit all my photos again with my new editing abilities.  That is really just not a possibility.
I don't know if I am going to get completely caught up or not.  Eventually...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I get restless!

Those of you who read my blog will notice a few changes.  I am in the process of giving my blog a makeover... Lifting here, tucking there, and enlarging a few key areas.  I have moved my sidebar area to the bottom of my page.  All the archive information, and my button are now down there just above the tag cloud.  The links to the blogs I couldn't live without now have their own page.  After days of staring at my blog (all the while having no photos to upload to it) and reading over a few others, I have decided that I want a change.  I am one of those people who would buy all new furniture and decor for the house every 6 months if I had the money.  I don't and this won't cost me a dime.  The best kind of renovations!!!  Please excuse the mess I may make before I get everything the way that I envision it to be.  
And I promise that I am going to get some new photos on here really soon.  It is just been too hot to go do anything.  Dumb ol' heat wave!!!