Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I am a little late getting this posted... but it is still Sunday, so it counts.
Seeing Double
This is actually just a test shot that I took at a local park this week.  I was scouting a location to use for a maternity session and wanted to make sure that there would be a reflection in the water from the bank.  After I edited the photo, I decided that there was too much green in the photo and that it was just sort of blah!  So I put it into black and white... still blah!  Half and half though I liked.
I don't know how much more whatever you can get than the exoskeleton of a bug.  
I thought about doing some sort of food here, but instead I went with this one of my daughter playing her aunt's ipod.  She was using an app to make cookies and cupcakes (no really she was) so it fits in quite nicely.
Limitless fields and sky.  Plenty of  space to run.  See I made it make sense.
You can't get any brighter than the sun.



  1. What a great set - but I'm really loving that first shot. SO creative!

  2. Loved all the shots, but your double shot was super creative.

  3. Love your seeing double picture! I like how the gray shade of the picture contrasts with the colorful side. :)

    Your bright photo also looks great! Love the sun rays. ;)

  4. Love your interpretation of seeing double... very creative! Also, like the bokeh in your whatever!! =)

  5. Nice interpretations. I love how you compose your photos