Monday, September 12, 2011

So upsetting...

Once again I am so far behind.  I have been so overwhelmed lately with everything going on in my life that I haven't even been able to make myself open photoshop to do any editing.  I have taken photos.  I feel almost like I have writer's block... only it would be photographer's block I guess.  I think that I have lost my inspiration.  I had my husband drop me off on the far end of our "historic" downtown area the other day and I walked the entire thing taking random photos.  I transferred them to my computer and that is as far as it has gone.  Mentally I am lacking focus... on everything in my life right now... so I have made a decision... my 365 will be just that many photos, but they are not going to be consistently that many days.  I am not going to try to catch up from this point but only to continue forward.  I am hoping that if I remove the pressure of having to catch up my brain will allow me to move ahead.  Here is hoping.


  1. hey gorgeous, if it's one less pressure then that has to be a good thing! you will bounce back...and we will be here waiting to see your gorgeous creativeness! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx