Saturday, July 30, 2011

My very first FREE storyboard!!!

Recently I have learned how to make my own storyboards in Photoshop.  I have also decided to share my storyboards with all of you.  This is the very first one... of many I am sure.  

The download is a PSD (sorry but currently photoshop cs5 is the only editing software that I use).  It includes clipping masks already installed. If you are new to clipping masks, they are very simple.  You have two options.  Option 1: download GroupIt, a free action by The Coffee Shop Blog and run the action according to the directions on their website.  Option 2:  Open your images in photoshop like normal.  Use your rectangular marquee tool to select the entire photo and use Ctrl + C .  Make sure that the clipping mask for the layer you are wanting to place the photo is selected and use Ctrl + V.  Right click on the photo (make sure that the layer with the photo is still selected) and use Free Transform to resize your photo to fit in the space.  I try to leave a little outside the frame.
The black square is not a space for a photo but for your logo or possibly a name.  There is a white boarder around the storyboard.  The color can be changed by selecting the fill tool and your color.  If you have a blog that has a transparent background then you may choose to remove the background all together.  Simply delete the background layer, flatten the image, and save the file as a .PNG file.  
I hope that you enjoy using my storyboards.  Download this one here.

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