Friday, July 1, 2011

5 on Friday

1:  I was sick part of this week so to be honest, I didn't take very many photos.  It has been a very uninspiring week around here. 

2:  Went to the park early in the week.  Nothing exciting from that trip except for getting very nice photos of a girl who has pretty much outlawed photos of herself anywhere.  Since I am pretty sure she doesn't read this here is a sample.

 3:  Boiling mint leaves in the house makes it smell wonderful.  The real thing is better than any candle.  Hmmm... wonder if boiling would work with honeysuckle.  My fave!

4:  Earlier this week (in a 365) I explained Kiera and Alana's game of fetch.  (see 28/365)  This is a better depiction of that game.

5:  Had my camera in the bathroom for Kiera's bath Thursday.  Her aunt Caley was in there to help.  There was a lot of spiking and mowhawking.  Then I found some old kids sunglasses.
Oh yea... and the stuff on her face are kiss marks.  She wanted kisses all over her face.  So she got lipgloss kisses.

That was my week... Hope yours was more interesting.

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