Monday, July 25, 2011


Today I happened upon a bit of irony.  If you asked me yesterday what a passion flower was or looked like I would have said a flower.  I'm a bit of a smart-alec.  It just so happens that I liked {My}Perspective on Facebook and today they featured a post by Picking Poppies.  I liked what I read and started to read older posts.  Kim had an entire post on Passion Flowers and why they were so named.  It was interesting to read and I provided the link above (just click on passion flowers... you will have to scroll down the post a little before you get to the flower part).  Mine is not as boldly colored as Kim's flower but I think that the subtlety makes it beautiful.  They are growing wild on a hill in my neighborhood and I would not have recognized them at all if it wasn't for Kim's post.


  1. First...that flower... WOW. Just wow! God's creation is certainly amazing.

    Second, those frames I used for Livia's drawing were from MCP Action's Finish It set. (oh know those were done in Photoshop, right? I just looked back and now I'm wondering if you meant they were "real" frames - LOL!) That was just a colored frame I added in CS4. That artwork is just a wrinkled up piece of white paper. :-)

    Hope you're having a great one!

  2. Ahhh, imagine my surprise - I came here to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog for Foto Friday - Changing Perspective (you have a no-reply email) to find my name in your post!! Wow, thank you for linking me!

    The passion flower comes in so many different colors and this color scheme is beautiful!

    You were asking how I got so close to the dragonfly - there are different species that are much more tolerant and aren't as likely to fly away, but I have however learned to 'stalk' my subjects, haha. I had to stand in my garden and took some fire ant bites for it! And believe it or not was able to get him to let me put my finger under his legs!

    Thanks again for the link back.... : )