Friday, July 8, 2011

5 on Friday

1:  Of course this week was the 4th of July so I have to mention that here.  We really didn't do much.  No big fireworks or anything of that nature.  Nor did we attend any public shows.  My brother-in-law (he is 9) begged his mom long enough to get some of the smaller fireworks... the fountains and such.  We were over there while this was going on so I did manage to get a few nice pictures.
2:  As you can probably guess from the fireworks photos above, I found something new and fun to play with on the Coffee Shop Blog.  She has a ton of great storyboards and frames.  Something new to play with every week.

3:  Kiera attends gymnastics on Wednesday evenings.  I am mentioning this because this week for the very first time she did a complete sit down, stand up.  This was the first time ever!  I wish that I could have gotten photos of it but I don't take my camera to gymnastics.  Besides the parents are in a room above the trampolines so it would have been an ugly photo anyways... straight down and at an angle.  Blah!  But totally GO KIERA!

4:  This was too good of a photo to not share with you all.  I was going to save it and post it as a project 365 but did this first and didn't want to wait.  I love that it gives the feeling of country relaxation.

5:  I will not have a 5 on Friday next week because I will be on my to Mobile, AL.  We are going on a cruise to Mexico.  Progresso and Cozumel to be specific.  I have never been on a cruise and am super excited!  I will have tons of photos to share though when I get back.

So this week was more talk than photos... boring on my part... how was your week?


  1. Love the fireworks and your last shot is beautiful - so glad you shared that one.

  2. There is just something that I love about that shot too. There are very few ways to make grazing cattle seem interesting.