Friday, July 29, 2011

5 on Friday

1:  I will be honest:  I have done almost nothing this week with my camera.  I have not really left the house and I have nothing interesting to photograph here anymore.  Kiera doesn't like to be a model anymore and I have done nothing fun.  Just being honest.

2:  We did take a short walk up and around the block.  It is just too hot to really get outside and do anything right now.

3:  There were some bales of hay that Kiera and our dog played on too.  We had no idea that our dog could jump high enough to get on top of the bale.  We were very surprised!  Seriously, our dog prefers my husband to hold her when we go swimming.  Guess that she is smart and not as out of shape as we thought.

4:  Thanks to a tutorial over on The Coffee Shop Blog I now know how to make my own storyboards.  I am super excited about this!!  I actually made both of the ones that I used on here.  I am thinking about sharing the ones that I make on the blog.  I will have to figure out how to do that first though... I am sure my husband will be able to do it.  He is good at things like that.  He hosts my website and (soon to be) my store through our living room... I don't see why this would be any more difficult.

5:  After gymnastics on Wednesday, Kiera and I stopped at the gas station just up the road.  (It was very hot, no air conditioning in the car... I was thirsty.)  I got her a orange icee and we proceeded to go pay.
Clerk:  I like your outfit.  It's really cute.  (Kiera was still in her leotard from class.  It was not said in a creepy way.)
Kierapretends not to hear
Mommy:  Tell her Thank you or I am going to keep your icee for myself. (I was just playing around... I don't even like the orange icee)
Kiera:  That's okay.  You can have it.  (walks away to look at something on a shelf)
Clerkbusts up laughing That's the funniest thing I have heard all day!!
Am I the only mom who hangs her head and sighs this much?  

That was my week... how was yours?

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