Thursday, March 22, 2012


It has been raining.  All week.  Which is making me concerned that I am going to have to reschedule a session that I have planned for Sunday.  Maybe we can make FLOOD work for us!

This prevning it was, of course, raining, but I saw the sun poke itself out of the clouds.  I grabbed up my camera, who's battery light is flashing (I can't seem to find my battery charger), and ran outside barefoot with a hope.  Success!  Mostly...  I didn't want to step off the porch into the wet muddy grass and risk my camera to the still falling rain so I was trying to shoot around the corner of the house through a tree.  My result is not the best rainbow photo I have ever seen... and hopefully not the best that I will ever take... but I am glad for it.  

Remember the rainbow is God's promise that the rain will not last... the storms will eventually clear.

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  1. WOWEEE! This is a FANTASTIC rainbow shot! The colors are so rich... I've never captured one this good. And good thing you didn't step into the muddy yard (LOL!), because the framing with the trees is perfection! So much more interesting than if you had just got the rainbow alone. YAY! Love it! :-)