Friday, November 18, 2011

100/365 and playing at the park

Before we moved we didn't really have anywhere for Kiera to ride her bike or play so we went to parks.  This day she tricked her daddy into playing in the sandbox with her by claiming that she couldn't work the digger... I have seen her do it by herself before.  Clever little girl.

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  1. THESE ARE OUTSTANDING!!! Oh wow, I absolutely LOVE them! The composition in wonderful and creative, and your editing is so clean! They just brought a HUGE smile to my face! :-) OK, I think I might know which post you mean... I recognize the collage with the little riding toy all alone. LOVE THAT! Here's the link to what I think you might be thinking of.

    Yours are wonderful...I'm so glad you shared!! Have a wonderful week! XO